Crafting a 4th Grade Essay About Great Military Leaders

Great military leaders are one of the most interesting topics as far as writing an essay for 4th grade is concerned. You will have to discuss not only the achievements of military commanders but also their personal traits, their relationships with subordinates, passions, etc. You should firstly learn how to organize the process of writing, though.

How to Write an Essay for 4th Grade About Military Readers

  • Gather the information.
    Your school library should be the first place to visit, as there must be hundreds of history books in it. Ask the librarian to show you the books on relevant historic period and take your time to look through them. You may also go online to find encyclopedia articles about military commanders. Such articles often contain references on the bottom of a page so you can get an idea as to what publication would be interesting for you.
  • Define what questions your paper is going to answer.
    You should do it before reading so you know what information is important for you and what not. You will spend far more time on sorting through your sources otherwise.
  • Read purposefully.
    This means that you should not only read but also take notes and highlight all those places in the text that seem important for your future study. Dot down the dates on which some important events (battles, agreements, etc.) took place, so you can easily find them later. Write down also the exact details of the sources which you use so you can cite them later in the bibliography.
    Now that the preparation is over, you may start writing your military leaders essay. Here is what you should do:
  • Write the introduction.
    State briefly what aspects of the topic you are going to deal with in your study and provide the background information if necessary. It’s not a strict rule but don’t make the introduction longer than 7% of the total paper length.
  • Write the body.
    Develop each of your main points using clearly defined paragraphs. Make sure that your body has a proper structure and flows naturally.
  • Write the conclusion.
    Summarize the main ideas of your paper. What decisions of your military hero turned out crucial? What caused the defeat? Was the victory indisputable? Introduce your own views but make sure that they are based on your findings. A conclusion typically takes up around 15% of the work.

What You Should Keep in Mind When Getting Prepared to Writing

An essay is a type of assignment where you are supposed to not only present the facts but also express your own views. You may get acquainted with other students’ works about military leaders to get the idea how to approach writing, but don’t copy their sentences. Your teacher will be able to figure out what thoughts could have been yours, not to mention that every person has a different style of writing and other people’s phrases will stand out in your work.