Creating an Essay About Immigration to the USA in the 19th Century

Immigration to the USA started as early as the 17th century but reached one of its peaks in the 1800s. You will have to discuss many issues in your immigration essay, including culture, employment, challenges, etc. You should learn how to approach the writing first, though.

How to Write an Immigration Essay

  • Collect the material.
    A lot of studies have been written on the immigration-related issues, so it’s not going to be difficult to find them. Go to the library and ask the librarian to show you the most relevant materials. Search online encyclopedias to find reference lists of publications on the immigration. Be creative and use different sources of information, the only condition being that they should be credible.
  • Read purposefully.
    That means that you should formulate a row of questions your immigration paper is going to provide answers to and only then start reading. Take notes and highlight the most important places in the text when reading. Be sure also to write down the exact details of the sources you use so you can make a reference list later.
  • Start writing.
    The key word here is “start” as it doesn’t matter what part of the work you write first. You may start for example with a body consistently developing each of the main points of your work and supplying them with good examples. Write a conclusion then, summarizing your ideas and drawing conclusions. An introduction may be the last part of the study you work on. State what aspects of the immigration to the USA you are going to deal with in it and provide background information if needed.

It’s not a regulation but an introduction usually occupies around 7% of the total paper length. 15% goes to the conclusion, and the rest is the body. If you need more information, you can try here.

Immigration Facts You May Use in Your Paper

You don’t need to overload your immigration essay with many facts but inserting a couple of exact numbers here and there will certainly bolster your thoughts with evidence. Here are a few facts you may use:

  • Only in the years 1881 to 1885, a million Germans settled in the Midwest.
  • The Chinese Exclusion Act was passed in 1882. It limited the number of Chinese immigrants to the States up to the end of the century.
  • It was only in 1890 that Federal government started regulating the immigration.
  • People of Polish ancestry were the largest European group after Germans.
  • It was from the Russian Empire where most Jews immigrated to the U.S. from.

Studies on immigration are not new to the curriculum so you can find quite a number of them in libraries and on the Internet. Feel free to get some ideas from them but stay away from using a work authored by another person as if it were your own.

After you have finished writing your immigration essay, take a break and carefully edit and proofread it. Pay attention to how clear you have set out your thoughts and to grammatical correctness as well.