Helpful Advice on How to Write a 5-Page Essay About Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was a 16th President of the USA and has played a significant role in the development of the country. In history class, you may be asked to compose a 5 page essay about Abraham Lincoln. To complete this assignment successfully, you should learn in what order to arrange your actions.

How to Write a 5 Page Essay About President Lincoln

  1. Select a narrow topic.
    If you want to make your paper unique, it’s advisable to concentrate on a particular question related to Lincoln rather than write about his life in general. For instance, you may write about the events in his young life that have prepared him for politics.
  2. Do your research.
    Once a narrow topic is chosen, you should look for reputable sources where you can get the needed information. If you don’t know what books to consult, ask your teacher for advice. Highlight important facts during your study to mention them in your paper.
  3. Compose an introduction.
    The first page of your essay should provide a brief summation of Abraham Lincoln’s achievements and introduce your narrow subject. At the end of the page, you should raise the main question of your historical study.
  4. Compose a body.
    The following three pages of your paper should provide factual evidence that will help you achieve the main purpose of your work. Make sure to introduce and discuss each point separately so that the reader understands them clearly.
  5. Compose a conclusion.
    The fifth page should summarize all the evidence presented in the body and answer the main research question based on this information. You may also offer several ideas for other students to write about Abraham Lincoln.

Using Samples to Write a Better Paper

To make your work easier, you may go to your school library and take copies of papers written about historical figures. Having examined them, you’ll have a better idea of how to structure and write your own paper.

If you follow the pattern described above, you’re likely to compose an essay about Abraham Lincoln that will be interesting to read. Just don’t forget to proofread your text and get rid of grammar and spelling errors before the submission.