World War 2: Essay Writing Suggestions for Middle School

World War II is one of the biggest and most terrible events of the human history, so it’s likely that you’ll need to write an academic paper related to this time period in your history class. There are a lot of World War 2 essay topics that you can focus on in your paper. Considering a subject to write about, try to pick something that is really interesting both to you and your audience.

A Collection of World War 2 Essay Topics

  1. The causes of the Word War II.
  2. Nazi propaganda in Germany.
  3. The resistance of Jewish in Poland, 1942-1944.
  4. The American factor in the Battle of Britain.
  5. The remaking of Japan after the World War II.
  6. The enforcement of racial policy in Germany, 1933-1945.
  7. The survivors of Auschwitz.
  8. The defeat of Hitler’s Blitzkrieg.
  9. The attack on Pearl Harbor.
  10. The impact of the Holocaust on children who survived.
  11. The Red Army in the World War II.
  12. .Slave labor in the Nazi concentration camps.
  13. The resistance to Hitler in Germany.
  14. The role of warplanes in the World War II.

Getting Help with Writing a World War II Essay

  • Your teacher.
    If you’ve never written history papers before and you don’t want to make a lot of mistakes during the work on your academic paper, you may consult your teacher on each question that concerns you.
  • Other students.
    If you have older school friends, you may ask them for tips on how to compose your history paper. You may also use their old academic works as samples to write your own paper in a better way.
  • Tutors.
    In order to improve your writing skills, you may invite a professional tutor to provide you with personal lessons. They’ll teach you to choose topics properly, conduct research, make good outlines, and use advanced writing techniques.

In brief, the topic of the World War II is full of questions that you can answer in your essay. The list of ideas above will help you pick a direction for your research. To make your paper more interesting and educational, it’s advisable to narrow down the chosen topic.